Director of Public Health Award

We are delighted that having been one of the first schools in BANES to achieve the Director of Public Health Award, we continue to work hard to ensure Welton is a healthy place to be. The whole school community work closely together to promote healthy lifestyles through support from outside agencies such as the NHS and school nurse, to visitors in curriculumm time such as sportsmen and women. We are particularly passionate about 'wellbeing' and, throughout the year, we ensure that both adults and children are supported and taught about the importance of a healthy mind. In Jan 2019, we are proud to announce that we are working with a select group of schools on a new strategy to improve the mental wellbeing of boys (not forgetting girls of course!). More details will follow - keep an eye out for 'Boys in Mind'... 

Affordable Healthy Eating:

The Eatwell Plate:



Mrs Audritt and Mrs Stevens collect the Director of Public Health Award