Career Learning at Welton Primary School

We believe it is never too early to inspire and motivate young minds! To this end, we are proud to host an annual careers event in the school where visitors from the world of work join us and share what they do. Over previous years we have had a number of exciting visitors including:

  • A Royal Navy submariner engineer
  • A risk analyist
  • A bridge designer
  • Ministry of Defence air support
  • An expedition leader
  • Fitness trainer
  • Occupational therapist
  • Nurse
  • Vet
  • Computer programmer
  • Air traffic control programmer
  • Architect
  • Police

There is no doubt that our visitors really inspire our children about the world of work and the importance of being the best you can be - and following your dreams! Our innovative approach to Primary Careers has been recognised in a recently published 2019 research report entitled 'What Works - Career-related learning in Primary Schools' published by Education and Employers Research and The Careers and Enterprise Company (CLICK HERE to read) - Mr Snell recently presented our work to a room of business leaders in London in February 2019 where a wonderful photostory was showcased to great applause! We have also been recognised in an online publication or Primary Futures (CLICK HERE to view). Some of our amazing careers work was recently showcased at a business event at Drapers Hall in London:


In 2020, we were one of six schools in UK to be invited to Downing Street to interview the Prime Minister on the subject of being prepared for the future. What an amazing experience!


Some of our career volunteers who joined us in 2020:


Our innovative work continues to be shared with an article published in the Teaching Times! Click here to read.